Solar Energy for Commercial Operations

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Why Local Businesses Choose Southern Vermont Solar

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Powering your business with solar lowers your electricity bill with long term savings, creates predictable monthly energy costs for your budget, and increases the value of your local brand. This makes choosing solar with Southern Vermont Solar a simple investment.

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Southern Vermont Solar is a licensed, full-service, turnkey commercial installer that has designed, permitted and constructed over 20 commercial PV arrays around Southern Vermont, including several 3 phase systems as large as 685kW. We focus on productivity, site optimization, durability, and efficient processes. Our team handles each step, from design and engineering, to the permitting and procurement of materials, to the construction and interconnection with the utility. Our diverse portfolio of commercial clients will give you reassurance of our expertise, ranging from small businesses to large scale investors and municipal entities.

Each commercial and business project takes a specific approach from start to finish. If you are thinking about solar power for your business or commercial property, we will start the process with a non-obligation solar site assessment. From there, as we get to know your site, budget, and long term clean energy goals, we will prepare a preliminary design which will then be refined until permit-ready.

Our commercial operations and maintenance contracts cover over 4MW of solar installations and include daily electronic monitoring systems, semi-annual maintenance site inspection visits, and guaranteed rapid response procedures to diagnose and correct any issues that may arise.

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Commercial and Business Products

Roof-Top Commercial Arrays

Roof-top solar arrays are often the most efficient means for a business to profit off their solar potential, especially within towns or urban areas. Southern Vermont Solar intelligently designs roof-top solar arrays that ensure roof integrity, minimizing business disruptions and maximizing solar gains.

Ground-Mounted Arrays

Ground-mounted solar arrays are our specialty. Southern Vermont Solar has in-depth knowledge and history of designing, procuring and installing large ground mounted arrays in Southern Vermont. We are fluent in all types of systems, including single and three-phase distribution, primary or secondary voltage line extensions, medium voltage design, 600 Volt and 1000 Volt DC design as well as energy monitoring systems and communications.

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2019 Commercial and Business Solar Incentives

The Federal 30 % Income Tax Credit (ITC): The ITC is a direct tax credit of 30% of the cost to install a solar system, awarded to the system owner as a refund check in a dollar for dollar amount (this is different than a deduction) for solar installations completed through 2019. For 2020, the tax credit steps down to 26% and then to 22% in 2021. After December 31, 2021, the commercial tax credit will drop to 10% (and the residential will disappear). This is an incredible incentive if you pay federal taxes, or plan to in the next five years!

100% Bonus Depreciation or MACRS 5 year Depreciation: Solar systems now also can qualify for 100% bonus depreciation under the new tax laws, or customers can choose the MACRS 5 year depreciation schedule.

The Vermont Solar State Income Tax Credit: In addition to the 30% tax credit, businesses are also eligible for a 7.2% Vermont state tax credit.

The Vermont State Preferred Site Net Metering Bonus Adder: This incentive increases the value of the extra solar electricity your commercial array produces. Vermont law mandates that commercial systems which meet the “preferred site” criteria are given additional cents above the current rate for electricity for each kilowatt hour produced for the first 10 years of owning your solar system. Currently, this extra power generated is valued at 3 cents per kWh higher than the standard rate of electricity, and accumulates as solar credits. Over the course of 10 years, this incentive adds up to thousands of extra dollars saved. This 3 cent incentive will soon drop (July 1) to 2 cents for all eligible commercial solar arrays.

We recommend talking with your tax adviser and seeing how you can benefit from these available incentives.