Residential Solar Services

Why solar for your home?

2019 is the final year to get the most robust incentive offered yet: 30% off of your home solar system

2019 is the last year the federal government is offering homeowners the 30% tax credit incentive. If you are considering solar, paying only 70% of the cost of the system is a good reason to jump on it now. Read about the ITC tax credit here, and let us guide you through this easy process.

benefits of a solar power-home

  • A home improvement with cash savings - eliminate or reduce your electric charges: Solar has never been more affordable for homeowners. Every home-owner has a growing list of home improvements and it is a challenge to prioritize these projects. If you have a good solar site, going solar is the perfect project to check off -- unlike an upgraded countertop, it will pay you back with cash savings every month by slashing your electric bill. The average payback for our residential customers is 8 years or less.

  • Increase your home’s value without raising your property taxes: A good quality solar system will increase your home’s value. Vermont’s property tax exemption incentive makes sure the added value will not increase your property tax bill. Many home improvements have long-term tax consequences, but not solar!

  • Rise up to draw down on your carbon usage by shifting to a clean energy source: Solar is the cleanest energy source. Help Vermont go 90 percent renewable by 2050 and lighten your CO2 impact. Use your solar home energy to transform your home systems and eliminate your reliance on fossil fuels.

Newly Installed Residential Putney Roof Mount

Newly Installed Residential Putney Roof Mount

Newly Installed Residential Ground Mount, Townshend VT

Newly Installed Residential Ground Mount, Townshend VT

Guilford residential ground mount with integrated equipment shed

Guilford residential ground mount with integrated equipment shed

Walpole Residential Roof Mount

Walpole Residential Roof Mount

The VGreen ITC Loan from VSECU 

This is a great option for individuals looking to finance a solar or home energy storage project or purchase. This loan is only available for residential properties, and projects qualified for the Federal Investment Tax Credit

Learn more about the financing options available through this program at the VSECU website.


Our residential solar Program

Customized Residential Ground Mount and Rooftop Home Solar Systems

We thoughtfully design, permit and install rooftop and ground mount residential solar systems that consider the Vermont seasons, shading issues and roof orientation to ensure optimal performance.  Your installation will be executed with the highest regard for your property and with the utmost thought, quality, and efficiency.  We take care of everything from start to finish, including all the paperwork and permitting, and kindly guide you through your questions as you navigate the various state and federal incentives, and learn how the home net metering process will work for you.

Additional Add-on Integrations to our solar systems

Battery Storage Backup integration: A battery storage backup will store your electricity for when you need it, night or day. In the case of a power outage, you will have a solar reserve of electricity as a cleaner alternative to a generator. There are growing options for solar battery storage that we can integrate into your home solar system.

Electric vehicle charging stations integration:  Simon is a licensed electrician, and we can integrate and install an EV charging station into your solar system with the initial installation, or as a future phase two plan.

Why Choose Southern Vermont Solar?

The People We work in and for our local community. Our customers are our neighbors and friends, and we know the values and lives of the people living in Southern Vermont. We know what solar energy can mean for a family, and we make sure that our customers receive an excellent solar array to fit their needs, budget, and will last.

The Place Our electrician, solar designer and owner grew up here in Southern Vermont and knows the geography and weather. He and the SVT Solar team understand the history, the houses, and the wiring and offer a custom solar system intentionally designed for durability and optimal production in the landscape and conditions of where we live.

The Product Southern Vermont Solar hand picks premium equipment for each installation, based on quality, productivity, environmental sustainability, and warranty integrity. We use only tried and true modules, inverters, and racking materials that have long term dependable warranties. We’ve developed outstanding relationships with the most reputable national manufacturers in the industry, as well as with our local equipment suppliers.  We feature 25 year warrantied solar Modules and Inverters for our residential projects.

Current Federal and State Home Solar Incentives: The Details

The Federal 30 % Income Tax Credit (ITC):   Do you pay federal taxes, or plan to in the next five years? If so, you will be eligible for the most robust tax incentive called the Income Tax Credit. It is a direct tax credit of 30% of the total price of your installed solar system, awarded to you, the system owner as a refund check in a dollar for dollar amount (this is different than a deduction). If the your tax credit is more than your tax liability, the extra amount can be carried forward to the next tax year (up to five years total). For 2020, the tax credit steps down to 26%. For 2021, it becomes 22%. On January 1st, 2022, homeowners will no longer be eligible for the solar investment tax credit. We recommend talking to your tax advisor to see how this applies to you and check if you qualify.  

The Vermont State Net Metering Bonus Adder: This incentive increases the value of the extra solar electricity your array produces. Vermont law mandates that for the first 10 years of owning your solar system, extra power you generate is valued at 3 cents per kWh higher than the standard rate of electricity, and accumulates as solar credits. This allows you to use the extra solar energy produced in the sunny months during the winter season. In the winter months when you start to use these solar credits, your credits will go farther as they are worth more than the standard rate of electricity. Over the course of 10 years, this incentive adds up to thousands of extra dollars saved. This 3 cent incentive will drop to 2 cents for all solar arrays on July 1, 2019. As long as you have an approved permitted CPG in by the last day in June, your 3 cents are locked in.

We make the process of installing home solar easy and worry-free

Three steps to going solar with us :

1) A site visit where we get to know your site and energy goals:

  • Fill out this form with details about your location and energy needs.

  • We’ll contact you promptly and answer any questions you have.

  • We’ll coordinate a free site visit with SVTS owner and solar electrician, Simon, so he get’s to know your site and energy goals.

2) Design and Proposal Process:

  • Simon and the team will prepare a customized design and a detailed, honest proposal

  • If you like what you see, we will prepare and deliver a clear contract for review.

  • Once signed, we take care of everything, including paperwork for permitting, engineering, and purchasing of materials to get ready for installation.

3) Installation:

  • Simon and the installation team will install your system — we don’t sub-contract!

  • We get your new system up and running and then provide personalized training with your new performance monitoring system.

  • We coordinate to have the utility come to your house to activate your net metering account.  

  • We are here for you for all things solar, for the long haul.