Operations & Maintenance, Repair, and Upgrades of Solar Energy Systems


Residential & Commercial Repair

Solar electrical systems have almost no moving parts, are low-maintenance, and rarely need service, but, if a problem arises we are here to put things right. We offer easy no-hassle rapid response solutions, take care of all warranty work, and know how to get the job done for all inverter, module, and system of balance component issues.


Commercial Operations & Maintenance

Southern Vermont commercial solar owners spend less time managing their asset, and ensure efficient operations with SVTsolar’s Operation and Maintenance team. We offer detailed performance monitoring, rapid response services and warranty work, regularly scheduled electrical testing, performance verification, recommissioning, and preventative maintenance programs. We will work to fit you needs.


We offer a variety of services for our operations and maintenance commercial customers. Our commercial O&M contracts cover over 4MW of solar installations, and are customized for each client. These services include daily electronic monitoring, semi-annual maintenance site inspection visits, inverter, module and equipment repair, warranty work, and guaranteed rapid response procedures to quickly diagnose and correct any issues that may arise.

Because of our extensive troubleshooting, repair and warranty experience, we are able to resolve problems quickly the right way and keep your site producing optimally.

Commercial Maintenance Services:

  • Install and Troubleshoot Monitoring Systems

  • Preventative Monitoring Plans

  • Preventative Maintenance Inspections and Reports

  • Equipment Repair and Replacement

  • Reactive Rapid Response Repair Procedure

  • Warranty Work to recover expenses from Original Manufacturer



Commercial and Residential Upgrades and Retrofits

An investment in solar is a long-term solution for sustainable energy and for stable energy prices. As technologies and family energy needs change you may need to integrate future or past solar technologies. Adding an electric car, a heat-pump, or an addition to your home or family? We can make them all compatible.