Westminster Solar Park, 684 KW

Westminster Solar Park, 684 KW

Our Solar Services

We're your local solar experts dedicated to ethical practices and excellent customer service. From the site visit and energy audit to the final permits and system training, we are your partner to achieving sustainably sourced energy for your home or business. 

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Residential Solar  


Get the most for your investment and do something positive for yourself, your community and the environment.

When you connect your solar panels to the utilities' power lines your community shares your excess power as you save money on your electric bill -- decrease your carbon footprint and enjoy energy independence. 

Whether you want to take control of your options or just want to relax knowing you are prepared for what the future holds, come out and enjoy the sunny weather. 

Commercial Systems  


We install ground-mounted solar in commercial applications and are fluent in all types of systems, including:

  • Single and three-phase distribution

  • Primary or secondary voltage line extensions

  • Medium voltage design

  • 600 Volt and 1000 Volt DC design

  • Optimized solutions custom designed for your site and your goals

  • Energy monitoring systems and communications

Upgrades, Maintenance, and Service 


Operations & Maintenance  -- we offer regularly scheduled electrical testing, performance verification, recommissioning, and preventative maintenance programs as well as rapid response service as needed.

Upgrades and Retrofits -- An investment in solar is a long-term solution for sustainable energy and for stable energy prices.  As technologies and family energy needs change (adding an electric car, a heat-pump, or an addition to your home or family?) You may need to integrate future or past solar technologies -- we can make them all compatible.   

Service -- Solar electrical systems have almost no moving parts, are low-maintenance, and rarely need service, but, if a problem arises we are here to put things right.   

We hired Simon to expand and upgrade our PV system 15 years ago. We had heard from others how skillful and reliable he was, and he far exceeded our expectations. Simon is in this business for the long-haul, and he will help maintain and upgrade your system as your needs change. Hiring Simon was a very wise investment for our family and our property.
— Elizabeth Nieuwsma-Dell